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Meat! Image View Boxcover

We've had Scum! Deviants! And Sweat! Director Maxwell B has moved to the Somerset countryside, become a farmer and is now breeding the finest cuts of Meat!

Most of the 10 performers are around 30 years, muscle guys with shaved heads and tattoos. All of them horny as screws. One guy is worth a special mention - Mukhtar Safarov, an Azerbaijani fashion model/stripper/dancer/escort who has the biggest piece of meat I have ever seen. Winner of Big Cock 2005. According to a recent QX Magazine interview his cock is 10" x 10". He's in his mid-20s, 6'2", smooth, tanned, beefy and has appeared in a number of top-notch XXXs. However, he considers his work on Meat! To be his best experience to date.

In a threesome with Matt and Beau he squeezes his pumped-up dick in any willing mouth as the other two screws each other. Once Beau's arse has been loosened by Matt, the Meat Man stretches him further - jamming his meaty salami in as far as it will go. Mukhtar shoots over Beau's face and Matt pumps it out over Beau's stomach. Beau saves his load for a later scene.

There are four other scenes. One of my favorite Bulldog performers is Phil - tall, dark and ruggedly handsome. He gets rimmed and screwed by muscular Duke and then greedily eats all their cum. Angler Drake is fishing by the river when he sees Malko with a different type of rod in his hand! Malko is really horny - late 20s, close cropped dark hair, scruffy beard and a hairy chest. Drake is in his 30s, lean, some chest hair and has a Prince Albert through his cut cock. After some mutual tit play, Drake drinks Malko's cum, then gets seriously rimmed and fingered before being screwed. Drake seems capable only of making strange animal-like grunts and moans as he is screwed. The noise gets louder when Malko fists him!

Louis has a shaved head and a couple of modest tattoos. He follows Eustus into an outbuilding to find him waiting with two enormous black dildos. Both guys are lean and Eustus has a fantastic tattoo across his chest and stomach. They both wear the Bulldog XXX trademark Union flag underwear. When they get down to business, Louis rams his big uncut cock to the back of Eustus' throat until he almost chokes. Once his cock is wet and slippery he rams it up Eustus, repeatedly spitting on it for lube. He then opens Eutus' shaved hole further with several fingers, finally introducing a series of ever increasingly bigger butt plugs and dildos. Louis cums over his mate's back and then feeds the goo to him. Eustus then fires off a multi spurt load.

There's lots of energy and passion in the final scene. Beau is wearing jeans, which are ripped, at the crotch with his balls hang out. Mike Power can't resist the temptation and grabs them before ripping the seat of his pants and rims his shaved butt. There's kissing and armpit licking. Mike loosens up Beau's hole with his tongue and fingers before he pounds away with his big thick cock. They enjoy some 69 cocksucking before Mike bends him over the table and shags him some more until they both cum.

This is the Best of British filth. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Released:Dec 13, 2018
Length:2 hrs. 10 mins.

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